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    I searched but couldn't find the exact issue I have had. Yesterday, maybe the day before that, I went to the movies (the other guys, it was funny and akward but not the greatest) I put my pre into airplane mode during the film. When the movie was over, I went to take my pre out of airplane mode and it had powered off. I powered it back on everything seemed fine. I then went to check preware for any updates, also checked govahna,app catalog,and a few other things and each of these applications treated me like it was the very first time I had opened these programs, preware gave me the new version splash screen ( I had installed it days ago, and used it everyday since) preware also lost all the blacklist entries I had to block unwanted app makers. Govahna also gave me the inroduction splash screen, as did the app cataglog. Govahna also switched from the screen state 500/800 to the default palm profile. I know that a few other programs did similar things, can't remember the specifics. I am recalling that this has happend before but I don't remember how long ago. Just curious as to if anyone else has had this issue? I did a reset and it didn't help. ran the repair utility and it didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

    oh I am running f104, and about 50+ patches

    I did, for the first time ever use a touchstone with backing plate earlier that day, (thanks verizion bundle 9.99 deal) don't know what else to include for details.
    What does this button do?

    crappy phones -->treo 600--> 700p--> 755p--> Pre--->Pre- 2.1 F104-----Franken Pre+ 2.1 f105 ---> Franken pre2 2.2.4
    touchpad 16gig uberkernel woop woop!!!
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    It happens to me a lot. If you want it to stop, just run a stock Pre. I don't think you can really narrow it down to a patch, homebrew app or kernel. I believe it's a combination of things. Me personally, I don't mind dealing with that as long as nothing gets deleted.
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    Sometime it's nothing seriously wrong with the device. Just a hiccup which gradually goes away with a full reboot.

    Try running a stock kernal in preware as Jason suggested.

    Best of luck.
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    thanks for the suggestions, but i'm not running stock. The advantages of overclocking vs minor hiccups definitely outways the stock pre experiance

    i'm just checking to see if anyone else has had this experience and also ifthere has been any known reason so that I can prevent the issue in the future if there is a known way

    thanks again
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    Guess you misunderstood, let me be a little clearer. I was saying delete the kernal you have now, then run the recovery kernal in preware, then reinstall the one you had before.

    That's what I did and it fixes my problem.

    Good Luck.
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    Well, I meant run a stock Pre without patches and kernels and see if problems presist. If it doesn't, then you'll apparently know what the issue is
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    this happen to me once. All my data from all my apps were gone. Like I just downloaded the app for the first time. It was weird. 9 months and it only happened once. I did not give it a second thought. Chalked it up as tech gone wild.
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    My guess is it might be the F104 kernel. It is a test kernel after all. Perhaps the UberKernal would be a better choice.
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