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    So has anyone actually had a successful resolution to this problem yet?

    Every forum post I see has no resolution, only debate and pondering about what might be causing this sporadic and difficult to track problem.

    My wife missed a plane when both her Pixi and my Palm chose to have this exact same problem on the same morning - so this issue has now cost me significant dollars and is incredibly frustrating.

    (And any comments about having a second alarm clock as a backup will be unwelcome - I've been using my phone alarms for years as my only alarm, I've never had a phone fail me in this manner before, and I believe it completely reasonable that I should expect an alarm to work.)
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    I installed TimePiece, since I sometimes need an alarm now for doc's appointments and have had no problem with it. Maybe you should give it a try.
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    rand0m1 the same thing happened here. my wifes pixi didnt go off @ 7:00am to take our daughter to school, and my 8:00am alarm didnt go off to go to work. both happened on the same day. but get this, i was using the stock alarm clock, she was using timepiece. happened about 10 - 20 days ago.
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    Why don't you set 2 or 3 alarms on your Pre, 10 minutes apart. One should go off...also make sure the system volume is turned up.
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    I don't think anyone at Palm takes this issue seriously at all. Has any officially opened a problem ticket with Palm on this?

    Perhaps you could contact HardBeatZ to see what he has to say.

    I do know the clock was horrible with losing time, etc., earlier, but a webOS update along the way resolved that. It would be nice to know if someone was working on this...
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    hotels will call your room and wake you up if you ask them... when i have to absolutely get up at a certain time, i use an alarm clock..... some are small enough to be easily packable... this thread just goes to show, some people will never take responsibility for their own actions. maybe they can take their mothers with them everywhere they go, to wake them up....
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    Quote Originally Posted by blaircraigon View Post
    Why don't you set 2 or 3 alarms on your Pre, 10 minutes apart. One should go off...also make sure the system volume is turned up.
    I've been using the stock Clock app since June 09. The only proble I've had is that it regularly loses all of the alarms and you have to create them again. I did get burned on that one time in 15 months.

    anyway... I always set two alarms to wake me up, eight minutes apart.

    Also, I frequently find myself having to do the "sixtyten" and "4231" tricks again. If you don't know what these are, just put them in the search box.
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    While I'm not having a problem with my alarm on my phone at all I second getting at least a travel alarm (they are small and cheap). I actually take my iPod iHome alarm clock with me when I travel (triangle shaped and relatively portable) because it has battery back up along with the AC adapter.

    However his alarm still should work. Me personally I'd take it back to Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T (Bell or whomever) and tell them that it's not working and get it fix or replaced.
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    After reading through this thread, I went ahead and got Timepiece. I like it. It does make a nice alarm clock, and I use it on my nightstand at night with the display brightness as low as it can go. I have "Auto-Off While Charging" set to Off, so it stays on all night.
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