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    Hi, my pre is stuck in vibrate and the physical button doesnt do anything. I was wondering if there is a fix or if someone could make a software button for ringer off and on?
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    You'll have to elaborate a bit more. When is it vibrating? Have you checked the Preferences in each app (Messaging, email, calendar, etc) and made sure you don't have the alert set to vibrate?
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    As in when I try to turn the volume up with the volume up and down buttons its shows a slash through a bell. My phone is stuck in the mode with the physical mute button red no matter where the actual physical mute button is.
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    Sounds like a hardware issue. Go to Device Info, then from the App Menu select Tests, then Interactive Tests, then Hardware Buttons. Skip to the Ringer test and see what you get.
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    I can get to device info but past that I am lost
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    Never mind I found it and yes the ringer switch is not being noticed when I did this tests. Time to go to the verizon store.

    thanks for the help
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    I had the same issue and still get little reminders every now and then.

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