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    The volume up button on my Pre no longer works.
    I can still adjust volume via software by going to Sounds & Ringtones but it only has ringtone volume and system sounds volume. Do either of these affect call volume? Is there a way to change call volume in software? Thanks.
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    Speakerphone app...Sit tight, i'll find it for ya

    Edit: Here ya go.
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    Great app even if your buttons still work! Use it all the time.
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    Thanks for the suggestion!
    Now the big question is, does this app control call volumes? There are only 2 volume adjustments: speakerphone volume and media speaker volume, which indicates external speaker volume. How about the speaker you put against your ear?
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    I know there is a patch to add media volume to yr drop down menu,its nice,just slide back and forth. I guess it would be cool to have the same thing for the other volumes.
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    laoh my volume up stopped working I could only control volume down. I took it to sprint and they replaced the phone no questions asked. It took about an hour of my time but well worth it.
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    I know that you were looking for help, but your question helped me.
    My new refurb wouldn't let me turn down the volume, amd I didn't remember sound settings. On travel for a week and thought I was gonna have to live with it. Cust service has already put a tickket in.
    Thanks again
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    I had the same thing my volume up wouldn't work and had a new one the next day. There was someone else there with a pre and his volume down didn't work. The rep said it's a common problem. I just hope it doesn't happen again of course.
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    The app Speaker Phone DOES adjust non-speaker phone call volume! Just tested it.
    I also re-read the description of the app and and it says "It will even adjust the speaker volume of music and call volume not on speaker."

    I'll still need to go get it fixed tho. My Pre is only 5 months old. They'll probably give me a refurb (bleh). Sucks to have to set up everything on the replacement again...

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