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    Hi all...

    Dropped Pre, busted screen, need data off the phone, blah blah... just use the keyboard shortcuts to put it in USB mode, dummy, right?

    That works great, I'm browsing my Pre's USB drive as we speak. Here's where it gets fun: there is one Classics app I use called Airline Pilots Daily Logbook. On PalmOS, upon a hotsync it would export its database files for each month onto your PC, where other software could make use of them to build detailed log pages for each month.

    But running in Classics, you actually have to RUN Classics on the Pre, then do this:
    From the Classic home page in the Pre, select the classic menu, "App", "Copy..."
    Copy the current month file (ex: AirlineLog-200906) from the phone to the Classic internal card.
    Exit Classic.
    Then when you hook the Pre up to your desktop as a USB drive you will find that .pdb file in the Pre's Classic apps/PALM/Launcher folder.

    That also works great... but I have a busted Pre here and about 6 months worth of flying that I haven't yet followed the above procedure on. Therefore, it is not visible in the ClassicApps/PALM/Launcher folder.

    So here's the question: it's obviously SOMEWHERE on my device. Does anyone have a guess as to what I should back up and install on my replacement pre, that will carry that data over and allow me to export it using the above procedure?

    Thanks for any suggestions... and I realize this question may not be in quite the right place, but I couldn't figure out where it should go and this forum gets the most views . Being an obscure sort of question, I figured my odds were best here.
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    Yeah there should be pdb file somewhere. You may want to contact the developer. Good luck to you friend.
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    The app was developed like 9 years ago, and hasn't been updated in years, so I don't think the app dev is gonna be much help. I did contact the Classic support team, we'll see what they come up with.

    The problem is, there IS no pdb file anywhere I can find, until you follow that procedure in my first post. Then that month's data shows up in the Classic Apps/Palm/Launcher folder.

    I'll let you know if I find a solution.

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    Why not repair your Pre? I have a couple screens for sale or better yet i have a good black listed pre you could buy and just swap out the main board an radio board
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    Well that would've been cool to try, but the exchange is done. Plus, this sucker took a HARD fall... no telling what else broke too. I guess the board was probably ok since I could still USB into it, but... yeah, HARD fall.
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    Ah hah! Got it! All that data resided here:

    Since all relevant files were named "AirlineLog-something" it was easy to grab the relevant info and paste it into the new Pre. Whew... that wouldn't exactly have been a disaster if I hadn't been able to recover it, but it WOULD have meant many hours lost to reconstructing it from very user-UNfriendly company records.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

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