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    Apparently I unplugged the USB from my PC without ejecting it on my Mac as I was in a hurry, and now my Pre says 'PALM' for like 20 mins. Is it dead? Did I kill it? Can I doctor it back? (Never haven done that btw). Is there anyway to get my photos off? Any help is appreciated. Freaking out.

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    Unless you were in the middle of running the Doctor... this is the one time that I suggest simply pulling the battery for a few seconds and forcing a restart. If you were simply using it in USB mode (not doctoring it), you should be ok.
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    Thanks I have pulled the battery and just sits at the 'PALM' screen.
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    Actually I pulled the battery after only about 5 or 6 mins. Should I wait longer, it usually doesn't take that long to boot.
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    When it boots, you will get the small rotating circle and then your tiny pulsing Palm logo. Do you get anything like that after the pull?
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    Thanks Newman I don't get the spinning circle it just goes right to the PALM logo
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    The small pulsing logo? If that's the one, just let it go for a while. Since you didn't properly eject the device, it may take a bit longer to boot. If it doesn't reboot properly, we can have you force it into Recovery Mode and run the Repair Utility. One of the great things about the webOS devices, is that it is really hard to 'fry' them as you can run a Repair Utility, or Doctor your device back to the original OS easily.
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    OK thank you I'm going to let it's 8pm
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    8:15 still says 'PALM'
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    This may be a dumb question but does your battery have a decent charge?
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    That's not a good sign... who is your carrier (so I can point you to the right Palm support page)?
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    It's running on the charger with the battery in (which has about 70% full) Carrier is Sprint -
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    Put the phone in recovery mode and then run webOS Repair Utility:

    1. Turn off the phone.
    2. Remove the battery.
    3. Press and hold the volume up button while inserting the battery
    4. Release the volume up button when the screen showing the large USB icon appears.
    5. Plug the phone into your computer
    6. Run Repair Utility.

    If you cannot run the Repair Utility this way, then you are going to have to run the Doctor instead.
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    OK I will try this and report back in about an hour or so - thank you all I'm on a MAC will this restore program run a Mac or should I go to a PC?
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    Um.. I'm on a PC.. good question. I don't know that one. If you have a PC, I'd do it there.. but I'm biased.
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    trying in soon...........................thanks again - let you know what happens
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    OK so its been a while now and I downloaded WEBOS Repair Utility but can't really get started I see 3 folders ca, org, com, META-INF - where do I go first?? Help!
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    You shouldn't see 3 folders for the Repair Utility. It's just a single file you open. Unless you are talking about something else...
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    OK so I download WebOS Repair Utility in the WinRAR format, and then when I extract it I get those 4 folders ? What am I doing wrong?
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    Just save the file... don't let WinRAR extract it. The file you are downloading is a .jar file and all you will have to do is open the file and the program will run.
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