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    I will soon be on my 7th Pre in about a year. I love the OS, but the hardware and subsequent 6 failures (faulty radio x2, faulty processor, bad keyboard, blown speaker and faulty microphone) have led me to reconsider other phones and OS.

    I have contacted Sprint and they have initially come back with an offer to send me a new Pixi (why would I go backwards) or a Samsung Moment in return for my latest faulty Pre. Honestly, neither are really a good option. A new Pixi is worse than my current Pre with crapped out mike. And the Android Moment? It is maxxed out at Android 2.1 and will not be upgradable (unless I root it).

    Has anyone had a better experience with Sprint Customer Service when it comes to finally getting a better phone after several Pres? I would love an EVO - but was told they couldn't do a swap for an EVO. I figured that, but am not willing to give up just yet.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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    Seems like you are a bit rough on phones. I'd look for something as bulletproof as possible.
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    I guess it seems that way - especially since I didn't mention it.. but it is the exact opposite. I got my Pre a month after the official launch - so I knew going in the Pre may have a problem or two - which is why I paid for the Best Buy Black Tie coverage. But after my 4th Pre, I discontinued it - because it seemed to be a 'winner'. The keyboard started failing a month or two later.

    Anyway, I babied ALL of my Pres.Protective cases, scratchproof screen protectors - the whole nine yards. The only thing I didn't do is carry it around on it's own pillow.
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    Im on the phone now, waiting for a tech

    So far their offering me the same (pixi or moment refurbs). I want a palm pre, but I refuse to deal with these crappy refurb phones at this point. I love the OS but this is becoming too much.

    Edit; just got off the phone, there gonna give me a new one. Lets hope this works out.
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    I am still on my first pre. What issues are you having that you have had 7 of them?
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    subsequent 6 failures (faulty radio x2, faulty processor, bad keyboard, blown speaker and faulty microphone)
    From the first post
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    I think since sprint knows they will be getting the new version phone from HPalm they are only going to give you refurbished palm pre's, since they didnt order any more inventory for that reason. My suggestion is to hopefully get a refurb pre thats if not great good enough, for you to hold out for the new model this fall. Depending on what sprint store you visit (you should try corporate stores only though) depends on what type of service, and quality of phone you'll get sorry to say. I hope this helps.
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    about to be on #8. #7 has lasted the longest... About 6 or 7 months. It was brand new cause refurbs were p.o.s.'s... Blown speakers, keyboards that stop working, touchscreens that stop working. I take good care of my pre. I'm not throwing it around or being negligent with it. We're not alone. There are lots of people on these forums with the same problem.

    4 blown speakers on a phone where the volume isn't very loud to begin with?! ***...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wellwellwell11 View Post
    I think since sprint knows they will be getting the new version phone from HPalm they are only going to give you refurbished palm pre's, since they didnt order any more inventory for that reason. .
    Incorrect, I just replaced my Pre last week (My 9th since launch date) and I asked Sprint to give me a new Pre and they gave me a brand new one with the box and everything, they still have new Pres.
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    First pre got on launch, after I had it for a couple months, it started to turn off when I closed the slider. Got it replaced.

    Second Pre, was a refurb, instantly the volume button was broken, Got it replaced.

    Third Pre, was new. That lasted for a good 7-8 months, easily. The Data connected ended up getting dropped even thoe it had it, a reboot would be the only thing to fix it. Got it replaced.

    Forth pre, was refurb. Had it till recently where the screen became discolored one day when I turned it on, (perfect slider btw). Got it replaced.

    Here we are at this week with Fifth pre was a refurb, terrible build quality, slider was all shot, and to boot the night of getting it in my hands, the usb door came off and broke. Got it replaced.

    Sixth pre, was a refurb. Had it a couple of days hadn't had a chance to use it. As I start using it and installing my applications linking profiles. It crashes frequently and completly random. Doctoring doesn't help, full resets etc fail. Took at some times 10minutes or more to boot. Got it replaced.

    Seventh pre, brand new (they gave me the box accessories and a extra battery w00tness). Ill let you know

    And I baby my phones. Treat them like my first born.
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    I guess I am lucky, no issues with my pre.
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    Three Sprint Pre's in our family, mine since day one, and haven't had to return any of them. I feel your pain, but just the fact that you have stuck with the Pre through all that hassle shows that all the alternatives available are less desirable.
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    Im on my 3rd. My first I had for 25 days shy of 1 year. It worked perfectly for the majority of that time and then one day the usb started to fail and my screen would remain black until I did a battery pull to get it to come back on. Tried living with it but it was getting worse and worse. 2nd was a refurb. Got it home and it couldnt get a signal at all. Tried a million things with tech support and they couldnt figure it out either. This (3rd) one is perfect. Slider is so tight and nice. No screen or usb problems. I love it. Will really miss it tomorrow when I make the switch to VZ.
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    on my 8th and it's a keeper
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    7, 8, 9 Pres--Wow! I love my Pre, but don't know if I would be that loyal if I were having that many problems. Fortunately for me, still on my original--from 1 week after the original launch.
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    People are loyal becuase its a hardware problem, not a expierence issue ie; software.
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    I'm on third, with no foreseeable problems. First one had an issue with the volume rocker, made the thing nigh unusable. Second was an Oreo out of the box. The one I have now has a sucky slider, but I can live with that. I just have to push up on the screen, rather than beneath it as one would think to do. I am envious of my father, his is perfect in every way...
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    My launch day Pre lasted over a year then our dog ate it (seriously). Was already eligible for an upgrade to the EVO. I honestly thought about it but after playing with the EVO for an hour (I was very impressed with a lot of the features), I decided to get another Pre from craigslist. Switching to another platform is pointless to me when I see how elegant webOS is and how much it has matured after one year. The Pre I got from craigslist looks like a new refurb and is as trouble-free as my first one.
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    It still amazes me that people have had to replace their Pre that many times. Like others, still on my first that I received the first month it was offered.
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    i'm on my 3rd pre
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