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    If I'm not mistaken it could be done, I can't find it anymore and I haven't installed any patch that doesn't save drafts as default. What am I missing?
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    Are you referring to emails? If so, they are supposed to be saved by default without any patches. Simply swiping the email off the screen is supposed to save a draft.
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    texts, as in SMSs
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    For SMS, I believe it has to have been being addressed to someone, then simply close the text by swiping it off screen. It will be saved as a draft and then pop up in the text box, the next time you go to send one to that person.
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    that's what I remember, but it doesn't save it anymore, I may have a patch that's interfering with that function maybe?
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    Check if you have "No Draft Text" patch installed.
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    no I haven't, that's the funny thing
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    Have you installed any themes?
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    yes, the only theme I deem valid, black-out.

    why, could that have anything to do with texts?
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    May have incorporated the no draft into it. Try removing to see if that clears it up.
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    Fail ^^^^
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    I know if you do the back gesture, the text stays there, you can go to another conversation and return and find the text still there waiting to be send

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