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    I took the battery out, dried it off and put it on the cable box for about 1 hour. I then put it on top of a vent for about 2 hours now it's sitting in a bowl of rice. Has anyone had this happen to them? Did your Pre recover?
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    that's a long load of wash. i had an old LG phone that decided it wanted my rum and coke more than I did, so I removed the battery and flushed it under hot water in the kitchen sink and let it dry out for a few days, aside from some condensation under the screen it worked.
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    it didn't wash for that long. but I didn't get it out of the washer for 6 hours. I guess my pre thought it was dirty. I don't want to buy another one
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    guess the big question is whether or not it was on when it went in....time will tell and hopefully if not, you have insurance (i'm on my 2nd and glad I have it )
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    I declined. I said it was a waste of money I guess I'll find out this weekend if its still working
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    My wife went for a dip in the lake this weekend while camping...with her Pre in the pocket. After about a minute, she realized it and pulled the battery. Luckily it was in the upper-90's so she left it out in the sun to dry for the rest of the day and then in the camping tent for the next day. Popped the battery in and it booted right up with no problems...yet.
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    I have heard that getting it as dry as possible, as well as clean as possible, inside and out it a must. The moisture will short things out and kill them. The residue and cred that gets inside with corrode the leads and kill it as well. Being submerged as long as it was I wouldn't hold out too much hope. I have had quick dunks and splashes that I have recovered from with time and a hot, dry place to dry.
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    Unfortunately you're going to at the very least want a new battery (my ENV 2 suffered the wrath of beach water and it would randomly shut itself off, on the other hand hand it was a great segway into getting a Pre Plus).
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    Rahul Sood Rahul Sood's Weblog went swimming with his Pre in his pocket TWICE. The first time was for an hour. He pulled the battery then dried it in the oven. It still works fine. Go to his blog for details.
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    Sometimes it's not the damage it does to the device the next day. It's the damage it does three months down the road when the corrosion eats away at things.

    At least if you can get it back up and running you can save up for that next big investment.
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    i've gone swimming with MANY phones (you think i'd learn after enough times) but everytime i've been able to repair them. radioshack use to sell this electronic cleaner back in the day, and i'd just open up the phone, spray that stuff on it, LIGHTLY brush it in (removing the corosion), and let it dry out. worked like a charm everytime!

    I don't know if radioshack still sells it though...

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