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    NO! I don't think I'm alone in my opinion that the Pre is about the nicest looking smartphone currently available. We'd all like to see software upgrades, but I think the hardware is second to none. Blackberry certainly seems to like what the Pre Plus has to offer in terms of hardware. If people are copying you, then it means you're doing something right.

    I think it's funny that the "best Blackberry ever" has hardware that looks like an older version of the Pre/Pre Plus. (See attached photo)
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    Eventhough it is made of plastic, I actually like the way it looks and feels in my hand. I love the fact that it does not have that "lip" around the screen where all the crud collects.. it's nice and smooth right over the edge..probably because it's moldable plastic. Hopefully they will not loose the form factor in newer hardware. But love it!
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    Not particularly, palm (hp) should just overclock the phone in a software update themselves so that we dont have to run patches and worry everytime an update comes out. A new CPU isn't really necessary, but a speed boost would make everyone happy I'm sure (2.0?).

    Other things could maybe include making the keyboard slightly bigger, with that could fit a bigger battery..
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    When you say the Pre does not require new hardware, I think you are way off base.

    I agree with you that the form factor of the Pre is amazing (although a little shoddily built) and would love for the next WebOS phone to maintain the overall aesthetic, a slightly larger screen (3.4" at least) is almost a necessity.

    Aesthtics however, are not the only subject to fall under the hardware category. The next WebOS device most certainly needs to sport a more powerful cpu, gpu, and camera with focus capabilities to say the least. A few other tweaks such as the headset detection mechanism Palm has employed needs to be reworked as well.

    This is all going to depend on who you talk to though. The next poster might say screen size is fine the way it is, but the next device must feature TV-Out, while I personally don't miss something like that at all.

    Luckily I have my Pre overclocked to 1 ghz and am not put off by the caveats that brings, so the phone is still a joy to use. For the occasions when I am changing the kernel or otherwise disabling the OC... 500 mhz becomes pretty unbearable.
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    The great thing about HP is that they have the scale and financial resources to make a much wider range of webOS devices than Palm could have made by themselves--even if Palm had been able to survive as an independent company. I'm sure we'll see a number of form factors hitting various market segments, perhaps even things (like a phone without a physical keyboard) that Palm might never have produced themselves.

    Unless one succumbs to the disease that makes one believe that there's no smartphone market after RIGHT NOW, and realizes that 2011 will be a huge year for HP/Palm, then I'd say any webOS enthusiast has a great deal to look forward to.
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    i just want better specs
    better build
    a little larger screen
    a little thinner
    is that too much to ask?
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    Nah, the Pre doesn't need new hardware, but webOS sure could use a hardware update from the Pre.

    A newer, faster processor for one, would be nice, as would capability for external storage/card, larger screen, and better general HW build overall...

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    I like the Pre as it is. In the next hardware update they should add a better processor (at least, 1.2ghz), front camera, a better camera and that's all, I'd be happy with that. And if it's possible I would like it to be slightly bigger, not because I need a big screen, I want a bigger Pre in order to have a bigger keyboard (I'm satisfied if the standard keys have the size of the current Shift and Symbol keys)
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    Of course some of us die hard palm fans on here think love the pre and think it's great.
    But obviously the market in general thinks otherwise.
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    There was already another thread on this exact topic... (I happen to agree in that I really like my Pre, btw.)

    Hopefully they will merge these threads... the other one was just featured on the main P|C article, so it is getting all the traffic.
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    nope. I love my pre- on sprint
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    I really like the form factor and overall design, but would prefer them to incorporate that into a more "solid feeling" device which is more resistant to wear and tear.

    And of course the usual upgrades to the insides.
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    Form factor doesn't equate to necessarily new hardware. Many people (no matter the phone) can be satisfied with a phones form factor, but feel the device could use new hardware.

    I'm sure many Android and Ifollowers believe their phone can use new hardware..I mean once it hits a month old something new and better is out, so it's only human nature to want something better.
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