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    I'm from Argentina going to the US and wanted to get a palm pre (or plus) .
    I don't know which models should I get, I know At&t has the same standard as carrirs here.
    So which model should I get to make sure It works here.

    Thanks, I'm not much into the networks things that's why I ask.
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    AT&T in the US, along with T-Mobile. If you want a Pre Plus or Pixi Plus AT&T is the way to go.
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    I just bought a brand new one off of ebay for $255.00 with free shipping. That's $45.00 less than the $299.00 no commitment price from At&t.
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    btw , I 'll probably get a brand new unlocked at&t pre plus,
    Is it safe to unlock just as I received it?
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    OK so, I'm getting my pre plus next week but I won't have much time to activate it before leaving the US so I ask now

    Can I set the profile to get the US app catalog with a regular prepaid sim card? I read in other threads that when you create a profile and activate it the account is changed to a data plan or something like that.
    could someone enlight me on this subject?
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    To get the US catalog, you will have to activate it in the US. The catalog goes by the the country the phone is in the very first time it is activated.
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    Ok, so I got my pre plus from At&T, first thing. I need put the At&t chip, is there any app issue if I select spanish as the default language? tap ok and that's it ?
    Or I also need to create a palm profile? I read the unlocking step by step but I'm not too sure about it. I'm going to unlock it to use it in my country so I don't want to mess up.

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