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    I just wanted to make a list of my experiences using mhs and some questions about what you can use it with

    1. I know you can use it with playing world of warcraft (wouldnt reccomend installing updates/patches using it)
    2. basic internet use (expected)
    3. any ipod touch or other wifi phone

    My questions on what you can use it with, xbox 360? my big question on this is using it with xbox 360 just to play the game not installing any updates, streaming movies, downloading games, etc... can anyone answer this?
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    I haven't used it for my 360 but I have read posts where others have.

    T-1 speed is 1.5 MB down... so if you are getting 1 MB or even half that you should be able to play 360 w/ no problem.
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    I use it to play Monster Hunter Tri all the time (albiet with a split second of lag), update my iPod apps, and watch TV episodes on Netflix (I can watch 30 a month and still have a GB to spare).

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