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    I have two Sprint lines and one Pre. I need to get a new phone for the second line and the person with that line would like a Pre. However, he cannot afford the $149 (with $100 mail-in rebate taking "8-10 weeks" to be returned!).

    So, is there a cheaper way to get a Pre that can be activated on Sprint? In the PreCentral main page today, there is a story about unlocked Pre Plus models--are there ways to do this for Sprint?

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    Craigslist. Just make sure you meet at a sprint store and activate it right away before you buy it.
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    You cannot use unlocked GSM Pre's on Sprint. Different radio technology. You can, however, still find a few hanging around at random Best Buy stores and RadioShack. You might also check Seems to be a few hanging around there as well, though they will be used.
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    Unlocked is for GSM only.

    Look in ebay/craigslist, you'll find better deals. Make sure you do proper research before buying.
    It should have a clean ESN.
    If possible, call the person fro who you'll be buying to a sprint store and activate the phone in ur account.
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    99.99 through BestBuy mobile. Available now.
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    O.K., thanks for the responses!

    It looks like ebay is my best option, but I don't know much about it, really. I bought something there about 5 years ago and, today, I had to renew my password because it had been so long.

    There are TONS of (Sprint) Pres for sale! Many say "brand new" or "mint" or "only used a little" etc., and some even include the Touchstone and a case for what I consider low prices: $60 to $80. But many are much higher and that's just for the phone. Huh?!

    So, can anyone school me on using ebay? What can one expect to pay for a good Pre there? Given there are so many listed, is it just a matter of time before I score a good one or are there so many buyers out there, as well, that I'll be lucky to get such a good deal?

    Thanks again!
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    Keep your eye on the "Marketplace" forum here too...
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    I got a brand new I'm the box, never activated Sprint Pre for $175 shipped from a seller on Ebay. It even came with a car charger.

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