Two new replacements coming in morning, with my account being credited $200 for the deductibles. Here's the story.

Well I have two Pres on my account, first one since last August, second around beginning of the year. Both Pres have normal wear with exception of a crack on top left corner of one. Both developed the usb crack and my first ones screen has started flickering occasionally running up and down with partial display loss and green flashing.

I have payed for TEP on both lines since the beginning of my contracts. I have been putting off calling in for a replacement due to not wanting to pay deductible, but the screen flickering and going off and not coming back on has gotten more frequent. Late last night I emailed around 11:30pm est time just about a replacement charger since both of the cables have separated and are barely charging the phones. Well I decided to mention the problems with the phones just to bring it up.

I received a reply email 15 minutes later, to my surprise. The Sprint rep mentioned nothing of the charger but said I should call Assurion and reply to him when the $100 posts on my account and he will credit me. So I replied and asked about the other line and he replied back and said sure, both replacements will be credited despite the damage I mentioned.

I WAS SHOCKED! I asked him to repeat what he said, and asked about chargers. He replied and confirmed what he said. Although I would have to call Telesales about the chargers. BUT, he would also credit me the chargers when they are posted on my account. ($54 per charger shipped, crazy!)

So, I found a great Sprint Rep and am overly happy. Just hope I receive a silver button model like my original but at this point I dont care
Sorry for so much text but figured I'd explain the whole thing. Ask any questions. I'll try to answer.