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    Hi there, im new to the pre and have just installed preware. However i would really like to move my messages app to the home screen.

    Can this be done and if so how?

    Many thanks
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    Hi there,

    In order to move the icon to the launch bar, you'll have to free up space on the bar first.

    Place your finger on an icon you want to remove and hold it there until there is a large "halo" around the icon. Then slide the icon off the bar.

    Next, Place you finger on the messaging tab and hold until the "halo" shows. then slide the icon to your quick bar.

    It's really simple, and soon you will have your bar set up how you like.

    You can also move and rearrange the pages on your Pre this way.

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    to move from page to page, just drag the icon to the edge of the page and let go.
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