I have had incoming email problems since I experienced the Pre Profile disconnect a couple of weeks ago (Verizon in New Jersey). At that time, I had lost all my Homebrew patches and reinstalled. My contacts were mixed up with respect to names, numbers, and links. My 3 email accounts were present, but would no longer receive email. If I deleted an email account and added it again, it would still not work. The only fix I found was to remove all 3 accounts and add the 3 accounts again. I also used "Save and Restore" and "Pre Backup Utility" after the disconnect. Here is what I don't understand now...I have reset my Pre twice due to a problem app I downloaded (option-sym-R) over a weeks time. Each time after reset I had the same email problem where I had to delete the three email accounts and then add the same accounts again. Any backup for email accounts? Any thoughts why reset causes this problem? Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated! I have learned so much from all of you, thanks!