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    Love the Pixi, but im a tinkerer. I need overclocking, I need 3D gaming. Only reason i went with Pixi was b/c of the exposed keyboard. Now i find myself hardly using the keyboard since i have links and icons for everything. Some on my plan send 2,000 texts a month, I send 200.

    So i ordered a Pre from ebay.

    As suspected, the person "accidentally" broke their last Pre and had insurance replce it right before thier upgrde to Evo. so im basically getting a fresh refurb Pre.

    What is the warranty situation here? Doesn't the refurb usually come with 90 days? does that apply to only the first user, or even if it is sold?

    ALSO , if i want to share photos or transfer files from my phone to my PC, can this be done via bluetooth or wifi?

    I am tech savvy, so no need to coddle, just let me know.
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    I'm not certain, but I doubt they'd honor the warranty on a refurb to a secondary purchaser.
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    have no idea if the warranty is tied to the device...or user. whe you call Palm , they ask for the device ID. so im not sure if it is linked to the user or not
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    found this on ATT website:

    Refurbished devices carry a ninety-day warranty from the date of purchase

    so hope i get that at least.

    either way i'll prob be able to chat with them and find out where that device is holding.

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