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    I just got my pre and I love it it's awesom and I'm glad to be apart of this comuniy
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    That make me feel so proud to hear that. Thank You!
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    I love mine too
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    webOS is truly the best kept secret in the industry. Tell all your friends.
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    Love my Pre Plus also and it will just get better every day! When you start patching and using homebrew your life will change. Welcome to the WebOS community!
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    I love your Pre, too.
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    You will love it
    I love my Pre :P

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    My Pre Plus is awesome out of the box. I'm hanging on to the stock set up 'til after AT&T releases the update.
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    have had my pre for 2.5 months. loving it so far. though it still gets annoying to hear all the phandroids talk about 720p video and 20 million apps but i still feel webos is the rockingest mobile OS out there. cheers!
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    Love my Pre too... since launch day. Cant imagine using a different OS anymore... when you are ready to take the next step... check out my signature. The world of homebrew apps and patches will bring the power of customization to your phone and you will love it even more.
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    I've been loving my Pre a little too much. Wife now jealous.
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    thanx for all the love
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    Welcome! I just got my Pre Plus a lil over a month ago. I have had my issues with it, but when it works, I love it! And thank god for Preware. Itz nice to here someone loving their Pre/+ and not hating on the hardware and threatening to leave for the Evo.
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    I'm newish too, but Welcome
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    I love my Pre too
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluewanders View Post
    Cant imagine using a different OS anymore...

    Had to work with a BlackBerry to do a few simple things a few days ago. I swear, I touched the screen at least half a dozen times.
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    J'aime mon Palm Pre aussi et c'est sûr que le fait de suivre les discussions ici et de suivre toute l'évolution des applications, c'est super.

    J'ai toujours hâte de voir les nouvelles applications qui viennent combler des besoins.

    Merci à tous


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    A little Google translation for us all...

    I love my Palm as Pre and for sure does follow the threads here and follow the entire evolution of applications is great.

    I always look forward to the new applications that fill needs.

    Thank you all

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