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    Beware of three scam apps in the Palm Beta and Web feeds. Rolando, XCode and OperaMini5 are non-functional and contain no code or binaries.

    There are reports of an Adobe Flash 10.1 Installer which also looks fake.

    -- Rod
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    so they just sit there?
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    They have no code, so they do nothing.

    -- Rod
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    why would anyone do this? Kinda weird.
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    Attention is the most probable reason.

    I don't know whether developers get any personal information about purchasers, but if so, that would be the next likely explanation.

    A genuine mistake would have been most likely if it was one app, but this is three virtually identical apps (code wise) released with bogus screenshots and descriptions, so that's unlikely in this case.

    Another explanation might be someone trying to reserve some application names for future use - I would hope that Palm is able to stop such name-squatting.

    The links in the application description could be to malicious web pages, but that does not seem to be the case here.

    Just simple attention is the most likely cause - imagine if PreCentral was to be fooled and ran a front page storey about Opera Mini on the Pre and then Engadget picked up the storey without checking ...

    -- Rod
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    Ok, thanks Rod. I got kind of excited when I saw Opera Mini show up. ha-ha.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    lets hope PC doesn't do a front page on how palm had something like this hit tbe catalog and hurt palm credibility when much worse has happened to android and iphone app stores...
    Since the apps do absolutely nothing (either good or bad), there would be no reason for a front-page article.

    -- Rod
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    looks like there are more, I saw an app called " Android", but the description is "operamu" again??? Very bizarre.
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    There needs to be some control for sure. I hope Palm takes those down on Monday.
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    The operamu uses location information.
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    I hope palm is proactive like apple and takes them down. Anyway if we are getting spam apps, must mean palm webOS is making some, maybe little, but some waves.
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    Now they even posted a Flash 10.1 installer! Beware!
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    So that is fake?

    I was just about to post asking about this.
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    is palm even paying attention?
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    Am I going mad or is there a 10.1 installer on the palm beta feed?

    Trying to click install gets a this is not a valid webos application on a uk 02 pre.
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    I hear it is fake in here

    The link I provided in that thread you cannot download either. I'm not going to try, it cannot be legit based on the size alone.
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    Thanks thought it was too good to be true, about 10 months and counting so far....
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    it doesn't appear in the beta-feed on my german palm pre. do you have a screenshot? sounds very interesting...

    edit: ok just saw the other posts. thanks!
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    why would they have it on precentral if it was fake?
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    clearly fake look at the maintainer

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