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    Having had my pre since October I am not starting to experience annoying problems with the battery.

    Firstly I have noticed that it is not lasting long any more. Yesterday it went from 100% - 33% in 4 hours. This may be because the battery is old.

    My main concern however is two other things I have notice.

    1) I charged my phone it ran down to about 80% so I turned it off over night as I was without a charger. In the morning I turned it back on and the level was at 50%. How does my phone loose 30% battery whilst it is turned off. Then after about 5 mins of being turned on the battery dropped to 0% and I got a low battery warning.

    2) When ever the battery gets to about 30% left If i use the phone to do anything within a few mins it will drop out to 0% and I will get the low battery warning.

    This is clearly a faulty product do you think palm will replace it even though I have had my phone since October last year?
    Or will I have to pay out for a new battery?
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    I had the same. After doing a couple of full discharge followed by full (uninterrupted) charge it was gone. But my battery is bad. Only aprox 50% capacity left.
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