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    Quote Originally Posted by scytherfwd View Post
    somline - good info, will post link in original post.
    If you install the thomascoe method I think you don't need step 4 (IP-Forwarding patch from Jason) Please follow thomascoe's guide (posted link from the op in post #1).
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    All, yes, I will send you the freetether and freetetherd apps. I won't go digging through your profile to do it. Please send your email address to me in PM and I will do a batch a day until I get them posted up on the net somewhere. Then I'll just post a link and that will be it. My only internet connection is through my phone, so I am just forwarding the files that were sent to me instead of sending them a new each time to save on data use.
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    The first time I used the stock app that came with my Verizon Pre+, I was delighted. I used it from a cabin with no wifi available and could even do a Skype video call to my wife.

    Couple hours later the phone was dead. Had no idea it wouldn't charge when using MHS. So this is very good info and I'll probably tether from now on.

    Thanks -
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    Do Not enable usbnet from the gui... It removes your ability to go to usb mode and charge only. It also doesn't allow webos qi to connect.

    I need a webdocter 1.2 to restore the phone. Ill go to 1.2 and back up to 1.4.3
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    I uploaded them all on 4shared a while back. Here's the post:
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    I just use Mytether- works great.

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    new directions for usb tethering in original post. Should cause less headaches.
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    Thanks! Here's some links for people to install webOS quick install (WOSQI), freetetherD & Palm Mobile Hotspot.
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    updated the mhs directions a little. I have them working on win xp and win 7 starter right now. I can now tether using both mhs and usbnet. I had to do a wipe to get my options back when I plugged into a usb port which is why I said to avoid the usb app and just do it frpm cli using webosqi. There is also a way to turn it on frpm the phone, but I don't know what it is off the top of my head. I'd pull it up and copy it but I'm on the pre right now and I don't care for the browser too moch.
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