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    I have a couple of questions here actually. I just got usb tethering up (still haven't gotten wifi tethering up, but I think I know where my problem is on that). When the pre is connected to a wifi network and a 3g network, which network does it attempt to use for data? Can you force it to use one or the other only?

    That said, this is what I am thinking. I enable USBnet, and set the computer up to tether through it using freetether with NAT enabled. I connect to the wifi network using the pre. Will that enable me to talk to the wifi network using my computer? Will that work if I turn the data modem off on the phone (just in case there is no way to force the data connection to use the wifi)? I only ask because I actually have a laptop that does fine except it has no wifi card and if the pre can be used as one.... why purchase one?

    Does the pre join ad-hoc networks? If so, can I add a static IP address to the wifi interface (pretty sure I can do this through cli), join an ad-hoc wifi network, and point all of my devices to the ip address of the pre's wifi. Using freetether, again this should allow me to surf the web over the pre's data connection assuming I'm not using the wifi network as the data connection. If the pre doesn't do ad-hoc, I can still use mobile hotspot and do everything else the same and it should work... right?
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    which carrier?
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    ATT, but it shouldn't matter I would think. I know it would matter about which data connection is used, but if the data modem is shut off, then the phone should be forced to use a wifi data connection. I'm wondering if freetether will nat to the wifi instead of the data modem on the phone if the data modem is shut off.
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    Ancient thread, but if this hasn't already been answered elsewhere, the pre will pass its wifi connection to the tethered pc if connected to that, at least when tethered over bluetooth, so usbnet should be the same

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