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    I'm on Vaction in Mexico and a few days ago I tried to watch "Capatilism is a Lovve Story" on my Pre but quickly noticed the speaker had died. It sounds very carackly and the volume is very low no matter what.

    I hardly use the speaker except for the occasional call when driving, youtube video w/ friend, and maybe 1 full movie.

    I've had 5 replacements already and now need yet another. I chatted with Palm an they said they could I've me a refurb which is good but since it's clearly a hardware failure I think a new device would be needed.

    I've heard of speakers dying but 'this' quick...
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    and................. is there a question or something here? Typically a new thread should have something to invite people to start conversation or some such... like "do you guys think it could be something else?" or "Does anyone know of a fix for this?" or some such... otherwise it just sort of sounds like you are whining pointlessly into the computer screen... with no clear topical destination.
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    Looking at your post history I see nothing but negative trolling posts about the Pre. You obviously don't like the phone so maybe it is time to move on to another platform.

    Just my 2 cents.
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