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    Hey all, in this time of difficult time of turmoil and unpredictability for the WebOS scene, I jumped on a pre on ebay, which had a description stating that it had a broken screen. I've personally always wanted a pre and the WebOS Experience, but I am a die-hard iPhone addict.

    Today I got my Pre in the mail and ripped it apart excitedly. What I pulled out was better and worse than i thought than I would receive.

    Plastic over actual screen is not shattered, and barely scratched
    The Back cover on it was one from the TouchStone compatible back! WooHoo!
    The Phone Powered on once I got it.
    Pretty great condition.

    Screen is completely broken, there is not one part at all you can see.
    Has the Oreo problem...
    No charger, but it's standard MiniUSB so I can deal with it.

    Now what I want to do is get the screen to work. Any links to a cheap LCD screen?
    Any other tips relating to hardware to a new pre user?
    No software experience for me yet
  2. #2 might be of some help. Probably will cost you another $100
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    I just found this:
    A bit steep still.
    [edited link, cuz stupid limit, just put http]
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