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    I have about 1000 notes (memos) on the Palm Pre that I have written and collected while working on a project. I want to export those notes to a CSV file so I can give them to my co-workers for reference. They could view them in Excel, or some other PC app. It would also be nice if I could get the notes in a format that could be read on their iPhones and Android phones as well.

    Is there any app to do this? I have searched the forums, and found lots of ways to export the Palm DESKTOP memos to CSV, but nothing to export the memos on my Pre to CSV. For that matter, the format doesn't have to be CSV, as long as I can convert it to CSV or some other standard format in a second step.
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    ClassicNote does this. Very simple and great app.
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    OK, I Got ClassicNotes running on my Pre. However I still haven't been able to figure out how to get the 1000 notes that are in my Pre standard note app to export to CSV. Do I somehow transfer the Pre notes to ClassicNotes and then export them? Or is there some way to tell ClassicNotes to export all the Pre notes directly?
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    would like to know that answer as well

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