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    But their service costs much less!
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    hey.. Radio shack "the shack" has touchstones for $15. They are dicontinuing them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richbarr View Post
    I get a 20% corporate discount on Sprint, so it's still probably cheaper in the long run.
    x2 I think we are currently at 17% ..... when the wife went into VZW to exchange a TS for me, they were asking if we had VZW pre's and she told them know because even before our discount Sprint is cheaper.... the girl asked where my wife works.... only 8% corp discount (Sprint with no discount vs VZW with.... Sprint still cheaper).
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbastian29 View Post
    hey.. Radio shack "the shack" has touchstones for $15. They are dicontinuing them.
    I need to go hit a couple radio shacks this week and see if I can find two more (so mad I didn't buy 4 when VZW was doing em for 9.97 w/ free shipping.... so mad)
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    You will recoup the cost of the less discounted (less subsidized) phone in a few months. Would you rather save $200 on buying a phone for your 2 year contract? Or save $1400 over 2 years on the equivalent service plan on another carrier?
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    I think the issue is paying MORE for a lesser model. At least they could get the Pre Plus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iMando View Post
    Because they don't want anymore problems. They dont even give out pre's anymore, they give out pixi's for warranty exchanges.
    Why would anyone accept a Pixi for a Pre in an exchange?
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