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    Hello to all in the Palm community. I am a pre noobie but I owned a Treo and it sold me on Palm. I have had my pre since March and have managed to follow the rules by using the search to answer any and all of my questions. Mainly, I wanted to say hello and thank you for your help already!
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    Welcome, please join the conversation, it is the users who make P|C such a great place. Remember that the only stupid question is the one that doesn't get asked.
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    "the one that does get asked" ?
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    /wave prenoobie
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    Hmmm?.....It's a Palm Pre, here, let me show you something cool...;-)
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    HI! Welcome to the pre|central forums. Please join in any time you wish - we are always interested in pre user experences and questions.
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    Glad you're here.
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    glad to have you :-D
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    Welcome... Thanks for posting and using the search feature. ;-)
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    howdy, welcome n have fun.
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    (Even though you said howdy)

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    Thank you for using the search feature... may your slider last you to the end of your days, and your battery make it through at least one.
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    you know, having had your pre since march, and actully using "search", you're really probably less of a noob than some people with over a hundred posts. just sayin'

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