Hi all,

I have observed a strange behaviour after upgrading to 1.4.5 on a German Pre. I had no problems to upgrade to 1.4.5, and I could reinstall all patches I had thanks to Preware. The phone was in the same state though after the OS update.

I did several restarts (device and luna), with no effect on the described issues.

1. During a phone call, the screen does not lock up anymore when I put the phone to my ear. Consequence is that sometimes unwanted "touches" to the keypad happen (maybe too big ears..... )
2. Also during a phone call, the contact sheet of the called person is popping up autmatically.

It is sometimes very irritating, specially when unwanted keypad presses occur during the call......

Anyone out there having observed similar things? What could eventually be the reason? Did I miss something critical during the update?

Thanks for info
Ernst (early German GSM Pre on Swisscom in Switzeland)