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    we need a picture of the leaning tower and the louvre. Taken with your pre
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    I have to ask - leaning tower?
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    That would be the Eiffel one, with the phone a little tilted.
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    My job takes me on a lot of overseas trips. I always take my Pre and put it in Airplane Mode. Then turn on WiFi and use it in the hotel or anywhere there is a hot spot. Not to mention you can use the camera in a pinch. Don't leave your Pre!!
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    Hey fellow Precentralers!

    Just an update-
    My family is now a week into our France vacation and we are all having a ton of fun. We have gone to a few smaller towns and have had some really excellent food (anyone ever had pigs cheek? I decided to try it, it wasn't half bad!). We will be going to Paris tomorrow and I will take a good amount of pictures on my pre (which I obviously brought and don't regret bringing at all. Thanks for the advice) and will post them up here!


    Oh and P.S- No Leaning Tower. Sorry!
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    I love my Pre :P

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