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    Hi Guys,

    I'm a long time Palm user since Palm V, then Palm m515 and then T3.
    Im also a fan of WebOS since day one when it was announced at CES 2009, was infact watching the Pre Central Live Feed with Dieter Bohn.

    Now as a Palm PrPrPré (&$quot$;-&$quot$; $minus$ $like$ $Dieter$ $Says$) , I'm very happy with it.
    This was only possible thanks to Goma from Spain that give me that chance to happen because Palm hasn't presence in Portugal for some years...
    After a wait for 1 year I decided to take a risk in buying a Palm PrPrPré $outside$ $of$ $my$ $country$.

    All is working perfect except payed Apps from App Catalog.
    I hope Palm get the App Catalog working worldwide because they are loosing a potential good costumer
    I'm a good costumer on Steam Online Store having 237 games now, and they are far more expensive then the App Catalog ones.

    After using WebOS and used (not owning) iPhones, BlackBarrys and Androids. I cannot understand how can people switch from WebOS to another OS... It's very hard to believe... The WebOS was created like a extension of your mind like a organic part of you. The same thing I cannot say of other mobile OS's.
    And the PrPrPré $is$ $still$ $a$ $great$ $hardware$ $I$ $was$ $very$ $surprised$ $about$ $the$ $size$, $it$'$s$ $so$ $small$, $It$ $can$ $fit$ $in$ $everywhere$! $Palm$ $did$ $a$ $great$ $job$!

    Anyway, greetings to all the Palm Webos user community (homebrew included!), and to all the Precentral Team (I'm allways waiting for your next palmCast, they are awesome!).

    Pedro Garcia
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    Welcome, Pedro! Enjoy the Palm Pre. WebOS really is a form of worldy paradise.

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