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    My number 1 reason was the free wifi hotspot. I had heard the comericals for the droid x and the wifi hot spot but when I went to verizon store they told me it costs 20 bucks a month but the palm pre had the same thing but it was free.
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    webOS. 'nuff said.
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    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?
  4.    #4 in you surf the internet with a small screen cell phone or do have another reason for saying webOS. I found this site after buying my pre and been reading and reading
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    The size of the phone. Didn't know anything of what this phone was capable of doing.
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    webOS, no doubt!
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    Please tell a new user more....what does webOS do for us...thanks.

    Maybe even start another thread....I for 1 real new to this

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    creepy girl commercials... I think she is hot...

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    webOS = best mobile OS available, designed from the ground up for mobile use, simple easy to use multitasking and adherence/based around web standards. OS of the future and we are using to now.

    Quote Originally Posted by mgmrick View Post
    Please tell a new user more....what does webOS do for us...thanks.

    Maybe even start another thread....I for 1 real new to this

    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    It was the only new phone coming on Sprint at the time! I Made a good choice! Now I won't buy anything else .
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    I waited to upgrade my last Verizon phone until the Pre came out. I was over a year past my contract renewal date, but there were rumors that Palm would have something on Verizon "soon". I've had Palm devices for years, and figured the TX would be the last non-phone Palm device I'd see, so why not get the phone?
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    WebOS, MHS here.
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    Simple Contact and Calendar migration and mgmt from Centro without dependence on gmail. And 3G Mobile Hotspot. Both were required or I would have stayed with my Centro.
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    sprint was willing to pay my ETF with verizon, and have a 23% discount for the entire family plan at my place of employment, if I switched over with my wife.

    this switch saves me $1040 over the course of 2 years (including price of the Pre)

    also, my samsung OMNIA looked bad compared to my wife's pre (she had switched and had a release day pre, whilst i was on VZW, i was jealous. we both love them, hers is still stock, but a replacement because someone stole her first one)

    thats it.

    I still have the pre however, because I don't feel the need to move on right now (unlike with the omnia, which I had for 8 months) Plus, the way homebrew is awesome, and how palm has been awesome at embracing it, make me feel less cheated than with some other phones out there.

    I went through phones like i do seltzer (i drink lots of seltzer) before i hit upon the pre.
    There are four lights.
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    it was the best phone on sprints network when I got it
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    1. Web browser that works almost as well as one on a PC

    I know we are only supposed to mention the primary reason, but I am going to mention #2-3 as they are absolute "pre"requisites:

    2. Classic emulator.
    3. On Sprint.

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    The fluid multi-tasking... When the phone first came out on sprint, I was in Iraq and the multi-tasking is what really caught my eye. I was going to upgrade to it when I got back but the wife wanted to switch to verizon... So, I ended up getting a dare, not bad, but not really what I wanted. When I got back from Afghanistan, the Pre had just come out on Verizon and I jumped at the chance to upgrade ....

    So, multi-tasking is the reason I got the phone, after I got it I realized what a great OS WebOS is. I absolutely love it....
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    WebOS.. and I liked the size of the phone.. and the price was nice too.
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    Mobile Hot Spot. I needed one, and getting it free with a phone was awesome. Since then, I've completely fell in love with everything else on the phone ... except the battery.
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    Its a Palm!
    Always been loyal to Palm and know what they are capable of! Why Im staying w/ my Pre... WEB OH YES!!! I dont think I can switch to anything else now!
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