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    I originally wanted an iPhone. I got my Pre because I didn't want to switch networks and because of the physical keyboard. At the time, iPhone was only available on one network here in Canada and I wasn't sure about the coverage for my area. Plus, I still can't type worth a hoot on that virtual keyboard.

    Since I got my Pre, I've been very impressed with the community around this phone, including the ease of homebrew patch and app installation. While the app catalog was limited at first, I think I now have everything I need on my phone. I don't think I would have been this happy with an iPhone if I'd gotten one!
    I am a (new) Palm user!
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    I wanted something besides Blackberry or Android (Had both of those).

    At first I didn't think I would like it but I was pleastantly surprised.

    I was also shocked at how easy it is to create apps for WebOS. I have two apps in the catalog now. I couldn't do this with the other phones (Well I could have but I was being lazy - )

    Here are my apps:

    Simple Tip Calc Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further. Review Freeview: Simple Tip Calculator | webOSroundup & World Cup Flags Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.
    Simple Tip Calc Review & World Cup Flags
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    First, great job everyone for keeping this thread on subject - very rare these days.

    I have been with Palm since the '90's, had a Treo 680 that was getting tired and wanted a form factor that offered the biggest screen available with a USEABLE physical keyboard.

    WebOS was a fantastic sweetener.
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    I didn't buy my Palm fact at first, I didn't really want it...but my manager was given 2 Pre's from a Palm rep to test out...everyone at work uses a Blackberry and I use a Windows based smartphone. My last phone I used b4 I upgraded to Pre was an HTC 5800....a nice phone except I hate the constant freezing and having to take the battery out to re-boot it...almost every few annoying...I was given the Pre from my manager and I swear it's the best smartphone ever....I like the WebOS as well so it's a bonus that I happen to love my phone overall....thanks Palm for a great freebie phone! lol
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