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    Quote Originally Posted by fed123 View Post
    Mobile hot spot. I never heard of the Pre until I started looking for something smaller than a computer, more reliable than a 3G iPad, and carried on Verizon.
    Sadly Palm never advertised this. Now Verizon is doing ads for the MHS running on DroidX. Another innovation from Palm that wasn't leveraged when they had the chance...
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    1.) perfect size. loved the style and look of the pre plus
    2.) renewed w/ Verizon, so the phone was free.
    3.) had happy memories in a former life w/ PALM CLIE' PDA.
    4.) features: reasonable data plan, free hot-spot feature, video + cam.

    Discovering the actual joy and functionality of webOS & some great apps since acquiring the phone has simply been frosting on the cake. Have pretty much abandoned the IPOD because of this phone. Only thing the iPod could do that this phone can't is direct video out to TV for video playback ---- the USB option works 'ok' though, so not a huge deal for me.
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    Watched video reviews, etc on all the phones I was interested in. Pre hit a homerun. Form factor (save for the actual build quality sometimes) and interface were unlike anything I'd ever seen.

    Then thanks to the help of this website and its users, I've been able to unlock the potential of what basically amounts to a completely open operating environment.

    I upgraded from the Pre to the Evo and returned the Evo 12 days later. I will wait and use my upgrade on the next WebOS device, because I'm sure it will have premium hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seb_or_Sam View Post
    webOS. I really am not a fan of the hardware- the screen is too just too small, the slider is flimsy, and the processor is slow - but webOS makes it all worth it. I love webOS because it works in the way I think- I don't need to pause and translate. The device menu, the quickwave, the cards multitasking, mobile hotspot tethering, synergy, and probably most important- the amazing webOS homebrew community. It's a lot of little reasons, but they're all part of one much larger reason: webOS.
    But how much of that did you know before you made your purchase? I didn't have a clue about WebOS before I chose the Pre.
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    My area recently switched from Alltell to Verizon. Since I still had an alltell phone. I got a letter from Verizon telling me I could change my phone even tho my 2 years wasn't up. I went there looking for a free phone, But they where running a promotion, Where if you spent $49.99 or higher you got a free netbook. Not long before that I had seen Attack of the Show do a review of the Palm Pre Plus. They gave it the highest rating ever given to any gadget up until that point so when I saw the $49.99 price tag on the Pre+ it was a no brainer.

    So the fact is before I got my Pre+ I knew very little about it. Infact its only the second phone I have ever owned, The first was a hand me down LG Banter, That thing was a piece of crap. Know that I have owned the Pre+ for around 2 and a half months, I am very happy with my decision, I absolutely love Webos!
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    To put it simply, unparalleled multitasking. Although I have the original pre, not pre+, it's the same device overall.
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    I am switching from an iphone 3g to a pre plus on verizon this week for:

    mobile hot spot
    smaller phone
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    Quote Originally Posted by scstock View Post
    But how much of that did you know before you made your purchase? I didn't have a clue about WebOS before I chose the Pre.
    then why did you choose it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    then why did you choose it?
    In a nutshell - wanted a smartphone, liked my previous Palm PDAs, didn't want to have the same smartphone as everyone else:
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    to be competly honest because they were out of evos (im so glad they were I love my pre)
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    To be able to go from this:

    To this:

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    To have something that is not called an iPhone !
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    Number one for me was to get rid of the 'Too Many Cards' error, and it has worked. I haven't had the issue since switching more than a week ago.
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    Oh, and I will add, if not for the ability to run my Pre essentially as a Treo, I wouldn't have even been interested in a Pre because I had to migrate more than 20,000 incompatible palmOS records into webOS, via Classic.
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    Cause my Lifedrive died on me and being a faithful Palm aficionado since my old Zire 71 I had to have their latest gadget. The phone part wasn't as essential as the pda one (mainly for my medical apps).
    I just needed an LD replacement. The Pre plus still lacks video support and the battery life is shameful but I love it sooo much that if ever palm stops building pda's/phones, I'll retire to a cave and stop the electronic lifestyle i'm having.
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    I'm a long time PalmOS (and Sprint) user, IIIxe, Tungsten T3, 700p, 755p, Centro and now Pre. Lurked forever (see my join date!) and loved the homebrew community, preware, mhs, overclocking, etc. Finally decided to get the Pre and will be buying a bad ESN Pre+ soon to swap the comm boards and get the extra RAM and Memory.
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    Hands down best bang for the buck smartphone!

    • MHS
    • WebOS
    • Form factor
    • Price = free
    • Battery life
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    Quote Originally Posted by wesleyhouston View Post
    to be competly honest because they were out of evos (im so glad they were I love my pre)
    I work for att and won the pre plus in a contest. This thing is sick. I actually was given the captivate as well and tried to use it but ended up switching back to the pre.
    these are the things that I love:
    1. The size. The captivate was not easy to hold or to use with one hand.
    2. The portrait keybord. Every phone should have one. They are the best and quickest way to input correct text.
    3. The os is super stable and the home brew stuff is amazing. It has better contact integration than the captivate runs smoother, doesn't look like a toy, and with the home brew you can make it as custom as you want. Mine isn't to outlandish.
    4. The facebook integration and notification system. The notifications are clear and simple and the facebook app will noitify you of what you want to see.

    I did thoroughly enjoy the super AMOLED screen though. It makes every other display look like a chump. There was an all share app that I could use to download info over my wireless N network directly to the phone from my network harddrive. That was about the only advantages that I saw. Everything else was just crappy.
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    'cause I made a mistake...
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    Mobile Hot Spot. Absolutely. Never had smartphone before, I knew nothing whatsoever about WebOS or Palm. But I knew I needed something to supplement the MiFi we were forced to use in order to have some semblance of broadband at home.
    The whole WebOS experience has really been some really tasty gravy.
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