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    I was ready to upgrade. I went from a Samsung myShot to a Pre Plus. At first I wanted the Droid, but I saw the Pre and fell in love. The Droid was very expensive and bulky. The Pre was cheap had a nice form factor. I didn't know anything about webOS, but that is what intrigued me
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    Mobile hotspot was a big factor but really it was about WebOS's great multitasking. I also like how friendly they are to the open source community. It didn't hurt that it was free from vzw either.
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    Only have a Pre but...

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    @ the time, it was the best thing out there that wasn't an iphone.

    Made the right choice!
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    My iPhone using friend told me it was supposedly the iPhone Killer haha.

    I love this phone more than the iPhone even though the iPhone is alive and well ... Until you hold it wrong, that is
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    I saw it at CES 2009 and had to have it. Of course I felt the same way about the 120" Panasonic LCD but my wallet couldn't afford that.
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    My main reason for getting the Pre was that it wasn't an iPhone - I hate following the crowd.

    This despite me being a dyed-in-the-wool MacHead for the last 20 years; we Brits love an underdog, and I think I preferred Apple when they were locked in a seemingly unwinnable struggle against The Evil Empire. Remember "Think Different"? - now it's just "Think The Same".

    I had also owned a number of Palm PDAs which had served me well for many years, so I knew that Palm made good stuff.
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    I had bought a Palm Treo 680 over three years before I bought my Palm Pre Plus on AT&T. The reason for going with the Treo 680 was the user interface worked for me, and allowed me to easily sync to my older Sony Clie that I had gotten for free from a customer which I had grown to like.

    My way of looking at products is ease of use, and if it works for me. I don't need hype or 2 billion apps, but what I need is something that works for me. Blackberry is out, I HATE the way RIM requires that everyone has to sign a form to download the software off their web page to support their products. Windows Mobile just feels....bad. The UI of the OS in versions 5 and 6 just didn't feel good to me.

    So, when I heard about a new Palm device, I was interested to see what was going on. And so I waited from January of 2009 to the horrible choice of Sprint as an exclusive through the end of 2010. I don't mind Sprint, but their coverage where I live is very spotty, and just isn't acceptable for my needs.

    Finally, AT&T released it, and it has surpassed my expectations for how easy WebOS is to use. It just works consistently between apps, and the online sync is a natural part of the device, not an app that has been tacked on after the fact. Overclocking to 1GHz has made it an even better choice since is can compete with the newer devices out there.

    Through all of this, I have not mentioned the iHype....I mean the iPhone. The UI is smooth enough, but it doesn't feel like anything really innovative or new. A bunch of icons on the screen really doesn't impress me for the interface, and the lack of real multitasking just wasn't acceptable to me. I take an attitude that the more popular a device is, the more I will suspect something is wrong with it that I won't like, and that has proven true about the iPhone.

    The open nature of WebOS, where we can download homebrew apps, patches, etc also feels very natural. The Konami code to get access to Dev Mode just made me laugh and made it feel like the Palm Pre Plus just suited me.

    The only thing I could ask for right now would be a larger version of the Palm Pre Plus with a 3.7-3.9 inch screen and somewhat larger keyboard(just to keep the proportions correct). I already have the 512MB of RAM, 16GB of storage space, and 1GHz processor you find in the other top devices out there, so size is the only thing that is really needed right now. A bigger battery(which I will buy sooner or later) is also on the list.
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    Toward the end of 2009, I was getting increasingly tired of my long in the tooth Samsung Rant, always locking up, and just acting plain weird. All thanks to the Sprint Premier program, I was eligible for a full discount upgrade so I started searching for what I wanted.

    In December of 09, the only choices that stood out to me were the Samsung Moment, and the Palm Pre as I was wanting to move into smartphone territory. I compared features and such and the thing I disliked the most about the Pre was the small, and seemingly cramped keyboard. However, since I text a lot (especially at work) I wanted a phone that was small and can be easily hidden; something that didn't seam feasible with the much larger Samsung Moment. So I decided to go with the Palm Pre. Surprisingly, I warmed up to the small keyboard very quickly and I type way faster on it than the much wider keyboard on the Samsung Moment, or on the Rant that I had before. Interestingly enough, February of 2010, I bought my girlfriend a Samsung Moment which she loves. It's very interesting when we compare the features of our phones. Some things about my phone she loves, and I admire certain things about her phone, but really, I'm much (ah, she's texting me now... lol) more satisfied with the Palm Pre and WebOS. I do believe I made the best choice smartphonewise and as everyone has been saying as of late (and I'm almost getting tired of hearing/reading it), I'm definitely looking forward to WebOS on new and faster hardware, with a diverse variety of handsets. Keep it up HP/Palm! aka HPalm
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    1. Verizon Wireless
    2. WebOS! - came across the
    3. Wifi
    4. Size
    5. Price (I paid $50)
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    Quote Originally Posted by windzilla View Post


    sprint was willing to pay my ETF with verizon, and have a 23% discount for the entire family plan at my place of employment, if I switched over with my wife.

    this switch saves me $1040 over the course of 2 years (including price of the Pre)

    also, my samsung OMNIA looked bad compared to my wife's pre (she had switched and had a release day pre, whilst i was on VZW, i was jealous. we both love them, hers is still stock, but a replacement because someone stole her first one)

    thats it.

    I still have the pre however, because I don't feel the need to move on right now (unlike with the omnia, which I had for 8 months) Plus, the way homebrew is awesome, and how palm has been awesome at embracing it, make me feel less cheated than with some other phones out there.

    I went through phones like i do seltzer (i drink lots of seltzer) before i hit upon the pre.
    Wow, they paid your ETF? How did you get them to do that? Just by asking? I've never thought to have a carrier earn my business, but that sounds like a good plan to me!
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    Well, it was my upgrade date around mid-April. I had been considering the Blackberry Storm 2 for months before then. I had even bought a case for it, 1 month before I could buy it . I am not sure what exactly made me change my mind at the last second but I am glad I did.
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    My Treo was on its last legs, the Pre looked cool, and was told that it would still run all my old Palm apps with an emulator. (Last part ended up being only partly true).
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    As above. Number one reason was Classic, which let me bridge the gap from my Treo 650. For several things including hotsync, Classic works better than my Treo ever did, but the lack of a stylus prompted me to find webOS versions of my Classic apps and ultimately sold me on how cool webOS is.
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    maybe we should mention why we KEPT it. It met my previously posted criteria, but I will keep it for a long time because of patches, preware, and precentral community. All are amazing and unmatched by any other platform...
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    1. VERIZON
    2. WEBOS
    3. Size
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    I got my pre for the simple reason to close a app you tossed it away. That's it nothing more or less.

    but after I had the pre and met webos that became the icing on my cak
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    webOS. I really am not a fan of the hardware- the screen is too just too small, the slider is flimsy, and the processor is slow - but webOS makes it all worth it. I love webOS because it works in the way I think- I don't need to pause and translate. The device menu, the quickwave, the cards multitasking, mobile hotspot tethering, synergy, and probably most important- the amazing webOS homebrew community. It's a lot of little reasons, but they're all part of one much larger reason: webOS.
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    Mobile hot spot. I never heard of the Pre until I started looking for something smaller than a computer, more reliable than a 3G iPad, and carried on Verizon.
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    Honestly, Dieter and Keith.

    When it was time for me to replace my Blackberry Storm, I subscribed to all 7 of the podcasts on this network to help make a choice. I liked P|C's drive and commitment to the Palm even during the death watch.

    That won me over.
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