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    Quote Originally Posted by hatchettjack View Post
    creepy girl commercials... I think she is hot...

    She ain't so hot now LOL

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    "It is innocent, unless found Gu1l7y.
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    form factor
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    Free MHS is the reason for me! I was tethering a dumb phone and was able to switch to the Pre for only a couple dollars more! I knew nothing about WebOS until after my I can't get enough!
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    I got my Pre because looks are deceiving.
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    lol yes they are !
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    Seemed like a logical choice...
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    Bought it just after Apple's iPhone 4 announcement (they weren't coming to Verizon and I wasn't going to go to ATT). So basically the Pre Plus was the cheapest very good smartphone I could buy on a one year contract ($119), while I waited for the Verizon iPhone (again). Didn't even know about WebOS or the Mobile Hotspot, or the community here. Fortunately I got a Verizon employee who knew a bunch about the Pre Plus. He told me about MHS and WebOS (He did try to sell me an Incredible, but again, I didn't want a two year contract).

    Since then I've grown to really like my Pre+ (and WebOS) and have gained a great deal of respect for Android. Earlier this year, a Verizon iPhone would have been a no brainer; now if the iPhone came to Verizon, I'd have to really look at Verizon's other offerings (Android and WebOS) before I just mechanically bought that iPhone. So in the end not only was the price right, I ended up loving the free MHS and the true Multi-tasking of WebOS.

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    I'm a Palm fan boy since back when Handspring was a competitor in the PDA market. Almost went Android until they finally announced they were making a GSM version of the Pre. Plus webOS is just impressive, even from the commercials.
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    for two years I was missing my Treo 650, and I liked the hype of it being released on Sprint but I am Verizon. I didn't hear anything about a date for Verizon, so I gave up and took an upgrade to an env Touch last August.

    Then in May I called 611 about something and she told me I could upgrade early (9 months into a 2 yr contract) to a Palm - told me about the WiFi hotspot being free and I was SO happy the MHS has saved me a couple times when my internet or power at home have gone out. webOS being so nice and being able to overclock and patch has just been icing on the cake!
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    #1 reason = I've been with Palm since the Palm Pilot days, so I figured it might be good. (and it IS GOOD!)
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    I dont have enough post or would have put this in poll form. Only had the pre for a week. Only been here a week as I found this great site after I bought the pre. This site pretty hot new post after new post...pretty busy site
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    Intuitive multitasking was the primary reason. Synergy has been amazing, too. Pulling contact info from Facebook is awesome.
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    Form factor. I had a Treo, and I wanted something that kept the physical keyboard but had a larger screen, so I could read the web and show people photos.

    Oh -- and I wanted something with e-mail at least as good as what I had on the Treo. I didn't get that. The mail client that comes with the Pre is okay, but not as good as snappermail. But I knew the mail program on the iPhone wasn't very good, and at least in theory someone might release a good email program for the Pre.
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    Been with Palm and Verizon for years, saw the Pre on Sprint and wanted it bad but did not want to leave Verizon. So I heard it was coming to Verizon and waited to upgrade. Love the Pre!
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    The card views. I saw the commercials for Sprint, then a friend with one came over from out of town, I drained his battery playing with it, after an hour I was sold.

    Card view is still my favorite thing.
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    I originally joined Sprint just to get the Pre when it was released simply because I was amazed with what WebOS had to offer. Unfortuatley, I got one of the early Pre's that had a bad build qualit and got the impression that the phone would not last long at all (I had a Pre with a very loose slider, etc.)

    I returned the phone and left Sprint within my 30 day period. I returned to my BlackBerry Bold 9000 on my month-month non contract AT&T lifestyle. After that I joined Verizon and got a BlackBerry Tour because I was tired of dropped calls with AT&T. The Pre Plus came out a few months after thst and wanted to give it another shot because WebOS was easilt the best mobile OS I had ever used up to that point. WebOS is superior to all other mobile OS's that I have used (i owned an iPhone 3G, multiple BlackBerry's, and Windows Mobile devices.) The instant Verizon started the Pre Plus promo for $49.99 with free Mobile Hotspot, I opened a new line and have been using a Pre Plus since. No durability issues with the Pre Plus and now I have Preware and the 800 mhz overclock and couldn't be happier.

    I didn't mean for the big story, but I guess it couldn't hurt to mention it.

    Basically, I got my Pre Plus because of WebOs, free Mobile Hotspot, Price, and the fact that I was getting frustrated with the BlackBerry browser.

    Now that I know there is Preware and homebrew, that is a reason why I would recommend the WebOS platform.

    I'm happy that Palm was purchased by HP and saved in a way. I look forward to upgrading to another WebOS phone in the future!

    - Posted from my Pre Plus!
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    Simply because I am an unapologetic Palm fan boy :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgmrick View Post
    Please tell a new user more....what does webOS do for us...thanks.

    Maybe even start another thread....I for 1 real new to this

    Haven't you used your phone yet? I would have thought that it was self evident.
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