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    I have been having problem with preware lately. It checks service access forever! What do I do to fix this problem, or is everybody having it?
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    No problem here.....

    just updated all my feeds, I would try disabling some feeds, maybe it's a specific feed.
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    did you reboot phone??
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    Nah, mine is working just fine on Sprint network...Are you using the latest 1.2.6 version? I have almost all the feeds updating on startup with no problems. Try disabling some feed first, and if still happening, then you might want to try to uninstall and reinstall Preware.

    *Update: Just tested some feeds and the palm-catalog feed seems to take the longest out of all for me, but I normally have it disabled.
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    Let me try the suggested. I'm restarting my phone at the moment. I'll update whenever I've tried everything you guys have suggested so far. Thank you.
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    Have you reset your phone? Many times if it doesn't work, it's because a download was interrupted and a restart is required. If that's not the case, I dunno. Reinstall it or something if you can't get it to work.
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