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    I'm getting very frustrated with the photo app. I have over 1000 pictures that I've put on my phone via usb and they're all in a specific order (alphabetized by file name) but when I try to access them through the app, the order is almost completely disrupted!!!
    How the hell does this thing organize the files I put into it? Is there any way to fix this? Maybe I'm obsessive but it bugs me that my pictures are complete mixed up. Even when I set up a folder for a set of pictures with the same prefix, the order still manages to get jumbled.

    I'm sorry if this has been address in the past, I been searching for an hour and can't find anything.
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    i think they may be organized by date
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    sorted by date...

    1,000 pictures? Wow...
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    damn. Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    sorted by date...

    1,000 pictures? Wow...

    x2 that's a lot to put on a phone....

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