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    I own both a Verizon MIFI and the Palm Pre Plus. I use the wifi hotspot on my palm pre about as much as I use my MIFI; they are both capped at 5 GB (you all are correct). The wifi hotspot was the main reason that I ended up with the Palm Pre vs. the Droid.
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    Alright, one more question on data: does the Mobile Hotspot notify you when you've reached the 5 GB limit (before charging you per MB) or does it keep going? In other words, will I be notified by the phone when I'm reaching the 5 GB paid-for limit, or do I need to keep tabs on that MHS usage myself?

    Thanks for the discussion on data - I agree with others here - the reason I moved to VZW and the Pre Plus now was because of the unlimited data that seems more and more to be a dying breed.
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    No notification is coming. Keep an eagle eye on the web site. Even though it is normaly about a day behind.
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