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    can you list step by step instructioms for blutooth tethering?
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    At a high level only. I do not want to give specific instructions.
    For the setup part
    .- Install/verify bluez-compat (et al) is installed
    .- Pair the 'puter and the phone
    .- Find out phone's MAC addres for the BT adapter (in device info -> more info)
    .- Install/verify (My|Free)tether app on the phone

    For the running it part
    .- On the phone fire up your tethering app
    .- On the 'puter run "sudo pand --connect <mac_address> --service NAP" eg sudo pand --connect 00:01:FD:352:AA --service NAP
    .- Verify conneciton is made with "pand --list" and find out the interface name
    .- Run "sudo dhclient <interface_name>" eg sudo dhclient bnep0
    .- Verify interface is configured with "ifconfig <interface_name>" eg ifconfig bnep0
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