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    I had this exact issue along with the loose battery.
    I cut up a business-card and placed it between the coil and the back-plate of the touchstone cover, and it was fixed. I also had to cram a tiny piece of paper on the upper part of the battery to jam it in, so it wouldn't move and cause my pre to reboot.
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    After an exhaustive process of elimination, I came to the conclusion that the problem was in the USB cord. It charges when it is plugged in directly to the phone but not into the TS. It must just be a bad connection... Another question> my outlet is far away from my nightstand. Is it ok to use a standard household extension cord??
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    I have this problem too. But i traced mine down to the 2nd touchstone I bought. I use the Palm supplied power adapter and palm usb cord. My 1st touch stone works great. but, when i swap in the 2nd touchstone, it bings and bongs. I tried the business card fix on my phone, but it did not fix the problem with the 2nd touchstone. I'm taking my 2nd touchstone back today but will be bringing my working one and power/usb cable to test the replacement at the store...
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    that the Touchstone sometimes will not charge after heavy use of my Pre, particularly if I used GPS a great deal
    rebooting the Pre always restores Touchstone charging
    don't know why this works, but it does for me
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    I also discovered that the touchstone is very touchy about the USB power supply. I can only get mine to work with the original adapter that came with the phone.

    I also put an egrip sticker on the back of my Pre and discovered I somehow aligned it so that if I slide the Pre to the top of the egrip it always stays in charge mode.
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    now that it's summer my 'bings' alot. I have the battery temp app on it & noticed it gets too hot. As the temp outside went up so did the amount of 'bings'. I'm using Naztech battery/charger unit for the summer months (without 'bings' now) but will go back in the fall. I miss the TS but this is working really good too for me. Check the temp of the phone, mine was getting really hot. I would use a fan to cool it down but as soon as it got hot again the 'bings' were back.
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