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    I have a problem searching my contacts, normally I can just start typing the first part of the contacts name and it will find them no problem - it even finds contacts that contain what I am typing

    I have a contact labeled "42 Deg" for 42 degrees a head shop in ann arbor MI - I cant find it if I type 42 or deg into my phone

    I also have a contact labeled Tom (The Wood) because we call him "the wood" but if I search for "wood" or "the wood" nothing at all

    there are about 10 others that I have that have this problem

    how do I fix this so when I type something it actually finds that contact so I dont have to go to the contacts (which I have removed from the launch bar and moved it to the 3rd page because I never used it) and scroll down it until I find the contact I am looking for
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    get the launchpoint app and create a launchpoint,,u will wonder why you have not done this sooner.
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    check in contacts, then preferences & accounts, and see if list order is showing last name.
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    you should be able to type 'degrees' for the first one. Or change the listing to spell out the number forty.

    do you have the patch that ignores 'the' and similar words in the music player? It seems to be ignoring 'the' but should find it if you type 'wood'

    you can also adjust a name by adding middle name to the first or last name in some cases.

    what others aren't working?
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    it is set to "First Name"

    if I change the name to degrees then it will work only after I type the last "s" before that it is searching for "416211" because thats what the keys are on the keyboard then as soon as I press the "s" it changes to degrees so it takes longer to do this

    but its strange I also have a contact labeled "Eric Haskett" (if you know him then thats funny) and when I type it is searching for "12" because thats the "e" and "r" on the keyboard - but it finds it anyways and when I press the "i" it changes the "12" to "eri" but it worked fine to find that name and so does "has" find him also because of the last name

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