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    I have had my Pre since they were first released last year, and I still do not understand how, when a second phone call comes in while you are already on the phone, and you answer it, how you then hang up ONLY that second call. My Pre pops up a button with "End All Calls," but I don't WANT to end my first call, just the 2nd one. Any help???
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    it's a limitation of CDMA, and it can't be helped. Your best bet is to ask the other party to hang up. Sorry about that. GSM doesn't have this issue.

    Once everyone moves to LTE, you will be able to drop one call without disconnecting all of them.
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    There are a lot of threads discussing this in depth. It is not a problem with the hardware, but as Workerb33 states - it is a limitation of CDMA networks.

    You can read up on the discussions here:
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    Can ATT Pre people confirm that they are able to hangup one call at a time?
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    Well, it helps to have someone tell me that I'm not missing something out of stupidity. Thanks very much!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zulfaqar621 View Post
    Can ATT Pre people confirm that they are able to hangup one call at a time?
    AT&T network is GSM.. they have no issue with this
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    clicking "end all calls" doesnt end the other call exactly. What it does is cancel the call, but then the call, calls you back as an "unknown number"....thats the other line calling you back. sounds weird but try it.
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    Aside from that, as long as one of the callers hangs up, your '2nd line' is no longer tied up. New calls can then come in via call waiting.
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    One thing I noticed with the Pre that I haven't with other Sprint phones is that there's no "flash" button (like hitting Talk again). If you could do that then it would hang up the person that you added to the 3way conversation while maintaining the original call. They added this functionality in the Treos, and even WinMo and the BB have this functionality since they all have buttons for their phone features.
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