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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    Also... if you haven't done so lately, be sure your phone is using the most recent PRL (Preferred Roaming List).

    Phone app> Preferences> Update PRL

    You can see what your current PRL is by going to: Device Info> More Info> PRL (current version is 60668)
    I don't see this option on my VZW Pre?
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    i have been having web signal even picture sending issues with my sprint pre in bay area california and i update my prl alll the time....
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    Quote Originally Posted by garos09 View Post
    any you sprint guys/gals checking your data usage when this happens? I had ev to 1x issues at the tail end of my billing cycle and chked, I was at 5.2gig,lol. I think sprint throttled me to discourage further use for the last few days of the cycle. Anyhow found workaround to stay on ev and faster net speed,bit annoying but worked mostly. Just started new billing cycle and all seems normal again, sprint,hmm?
    Hmmmm is right. You bring up an interesting and valid point in my situation. I have been using MHS for about 2-3 months and that's about when it did start to go screwy with me. I now use an average of 8-10 gigs of data a month so next bill cycle I will definitely pay attention to my usage and as to when I'm getting the dreaded 1X problem. My guess is after 5 gigs it will get less solid but that's totally a guess.

    It did however seem to be an issue directly after a PRL update a few times ago but those are so minimal in what they actually seem to update that I'm not sure that could be a reason why.
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