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    Nice to see a glossy professional advertisment in my inbox offering a free Pre with qualifying activation... clicking the link took me here:

    HP's Small & Medium Business Online Store

    Go HP!

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    LOL, follow your link and it says Palm Pre's starting from as low as $439. Yeah, that's a "stay in business" strategy...

    EDIT: And even more LOLness, it is the Sprint one that is $439!!!
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    Yeah, you can also lease one for 14 dollars a month for 48 months=$672
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    Those are unsubsidized no contract prices. Click on the 'buy with activation' link and you will see they are in fact free and the AT&T ones come with a $50 gift card.

    EDIT: The AT&T and Verizon ones are free, the Sprint phones aren't.
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    Interesting that it is not as promoted on the website as it was in the mailing... here is a screenshot of the promo email... it is very. um. pink
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