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    If I open up my web browser, it doesn't matter which website I go to, mobile or not, the page will open up fine, but soon as I start to pinch to zoom, it zooms in full blast to the top left corner instantly, and I can zoom out, it just sits there


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    You've been having quite a few different problems lately.

    Why don't you try putting your phone back to stock, remove all that extra stuff, then doctor and see if that's what's goin' on?
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    is it easy to doctor ? realize I can't use my touchscreen when I plug my phone into the computer or use the USB

    so how can I doctor if I can't use the touch screen ? or can I use webOS QI ?

    p.s. I'm doctoring soon enough as I am selling this phone

    getting the new Samsung Galaxy S
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    I had that happen to me last night, a reset remedied the issue.

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