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    Ok, I'm new here...just alittle over a week. Not sure if I can post this or not and I'm sure you all saw the article. Steve Woziak co founder of Apple recommending carrying a VZW Palm Pre as a backup to the failing iPhone 4G. I showed my boss who was wanting to get an iPhone because her boss (the VP) insisted on having one and is pushing for his people to have one. She's not getting one now! Trying to see if the company will support the Palm!

    (Mods, please remove if I can't post this)
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    The iphone 4g???? I didnt know the iphone went 4g!!! I better go get one!!
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    old news, previously posted several times, including this one:
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    Sorry I did a search prior to posting and it came up with nothing...I kind of thought maybe it might have been posted before.
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    LOL I just searched on "steve wozniak" and found several.

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