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    I have been using the windows address book on my PC and would like to sync it up to update contacts on my pre. I use yahoo for email and thought maybe I could sync windows address book to yahoo but cant find out how to do it. I also cant find info on how to sync the address book upto my pre directly. Any ideas how I can get these two things working with each other? Any other programs I should be using that would be easier to keep the phone and PC connected as far as contacts go? Its sad that when I look under mobile solutions under help contents on anything it always seems to list IPhone, Blackberry, and Droid. Never my beloved Palm Pre Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Michael

    Also... It would really be nice to see palm app for pre central so I dont have to connect to web and read articles that way. Wouldnt it be nice to just have an app that connects directly and is formatted for the Pre.
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    To get your Microsoft Windows Address Book from Outlook into Yahoo mail you will need to save your Outlook Address book in .csv or .vcf. format – Then open your Yahoo Contacts Tab and select “Tools” - “Import” – “Others” - “A desktop email program (Outlook, AppleMail, etc...)” Browse to the file on your computer and save it to your Yahoo mail.

    There is a PreCentral (Unofficial) app and an Unofficial PreCentral App that are pretty good for accessing pre|central from your phone.
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