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    I own the AT&T and O2 UK Pre+. I'm may sound crazy here but it's just a thought. I'm wondering if I swap the communication board on the O2 UK Pre+ and put it into the AT&T Pre+, will it work? I think I will need to doctor on the AT&T set with the O2 UK webos. Any comment is welcome. Thanks.
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    Has anyone tried this? I also own an AT&T Pre Plus but I can only use 2G Data because I live outside the US and my carrier only support 3G in 2100 MHZ frequency. If this works then it would be great to swap the radio board from an European Pre. But I think finding a standalone comm board radio part will be harder than buying a new device completely
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    I think this is possible. I may attempt this when webos 2.0 devices are announced.

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