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    Hello GuyFromNam,

    thank you for answers. I decided not to work with "bypass" ROM (as I understood somebody has patched original ROM using meta doctor and uploaded it, well I don't use it anyway) and here is what I have:

    1. Used Palm activation bypass tool.
    2. Performed unlock using Nextgen server.
    3. After unlock, removed battery, inserted SIM card (MTS, Ukraine).
    4. On phone start up I got network code prompt and entered it and...
    5. working device, with access to my SIM address book (it also loaded all SMSs from SIM card), I can make calls etc.

    So I guess I'm 50% done - the phone was successfully unlocked, only activation left.

    Is that correct that if I go to Device Info Full Erase it will reboot the phone and I'll see activation screen? If so then I need to be sure that phone will be able to connect to the Palm site to create a profile after reboot. How can I ensure that it will happen?

    At the moment I see "E" letter in the status bar (I guess it means EDGE/GPRS coverage available). In phone settings I see:

    - Data usage: ON
    - Manual settings: OFF

    My hope was that device has MTS EDGE/GPRS settings pre-installed. However, I was not able to navigate to Google page, thus I guess there are no correct settings (Internet APN, username and password). I can enter them, but they will be removed on Full Erase, right? Will it give me a chance to setup EDGE/GPRS connection after Full Erase (it didn't offered nothing while phone was not locked)?

    I think you bought the wrong phone to have 3G data connection in your region.
    May be, but my carrier doesn't provide 3G (UMTS) service, so I don't care (actually it provides CDMA internet access as a separate service). Thus I'm going to use GPRS/EDGE and need it to be configured for activation (sure I would prefer Wi-Fi activation, but it looks it is complicated).
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    Hello GuyFromNam,

    finally, I've performed "Full Erase" and everything worked like a charm. The phone hadn't asked me about GPRS connection credentials (APN, username, password), allowed me to create a profile. Now I have a lot things to do (find right software, personalize) and to read about (on this forum and other resources). BTW, I could see paid apps in the AppsCatalog (didn't try to buy them though, so don't know if it works).

    Thank you for your great unlocking howto and your support!
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    I have a pre plus unlocked via nextgenserver and would like to upgrade the os with the latest AT&T webos 1.4.5. Will it reverse the unlock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Read the OP.
    Apology for the ignorance ... "OP" as in Old Posts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Original Post, as in the 1st post of the thread:

    Thanks for reading.
    Thanks GFN ... I saw that one and should have quoted it or asked further about that straightaway. The OS version is released by Palm and tailored by the carriers and thus would fall then under your statement "except by palm" ... means that upgrading the webos will bring it back to "locked" mode. Is my understanding correct?

    Thanks and appreciate your patience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twoboxen View Post
    the same unlock code should still work.
    If the radio board has been replaced and your IMEI has changed, then it won't.
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    Got everything almost working. I am doing a full erase in device info. How long does this process take? It has been 15+ min so far. TIA
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    GFN the phone it is still working despite of the Webos 1.4.5 upgrade (RSC on an "UbLocked Code" issue) i am patiently waiting for Nextgen solution
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    Thanks for this thread GFN, it has been really useful.

    Alas, I still can't seem to unlock my AT&T Pre Plus. I followed your instructions and the nextgen instructions exactly and my unlock fails after it gets my IMEI number. I've submitted a ticket to nextgen but with the weekend coming up, maybe someone here can help me.

    I've narrowed it down to my USBPassthrough settings, I can access the settings page (using the instructions in the nextgen user guide) but what are the settings I should have if I want to unlock the phone (i.e. nextgen instructs us to switch them all to none and USBNet to disable to exit DIAG mode) ? So what should my USBPassthrough settings be if I am CORRECTLY in diag mode ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thank you for the quick reply.

    I am on windows vista 32 bit. My other machines are ubuntu or windows 7.

    I have not installed any other drivers. I literally followed your steps in the first post, the only difference is that I ran webOs doctor first because my phone was set to spanish.

    My port 1 was set to diag when my unlock failed.

    I will set port 2 only to see what happens. do I leave usbnet as disabled?

    Thanks again.
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    after unlocked ... can i use 3G in another country with Pixi Plus ATT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Check this thread for solutions from users with similar problems.
    This is the official Unlock thread started by Max/JIC Tech:
    All the info available is already in this thread. No sense in repeating it all here.
    Hope you understand.

    If you can't fix your problems with the info in this thread, I suggest you wait for Nextgen Support.
    Thanks for the link. I read the entire thread but I don't think anything in there was applicable to me.

    Nextgen took a look at my debug file and states that it is something in the latest version of webOS, so hopefully they will figure it out soon.

    Will update this thread with any progress, so others don't have the same issues as I did.

    Thanks again GFN.
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    I got my pre plus from At&t and I plan to use it in my country (not us) , all I need to do in the US is with the at&t chip. set lenguage and activate? (is there a problem if I select spanish for the app catalog?). Or do I also need a sim with a data plan to create a palm profile and the other settings. I read the step by step but it's stil unclear for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam
    Please note incorrect language selection for your model at first activation may result in an incomplete App Catalog
    esto es lo que no tengo claro, que seria incorrect language selection?
    what does incorrect language selection means?
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    So I was finally able to unlock my Pre Plus thanks to the fellas at nextgen updating their unlock client (in less than a week!) A++ effort on their part.

    The only problem is it seems I've got a borked App Catalog.

    I believe I have a Canadian app catalog but I can only see free apps (I can see Canadian apps like CBC and The Globe And Mail). Further to that, I tried using the web links available in the PreCentral App Gallery for certain free apps and they won't work "they say I need to update, but I am up to date on 1.4.5")

    I was under the impression that my Pre Plus was never activated before, but since I got it on ebay, who is to really say.

    Sigh. This is becoming a real production.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    I'm not pychic (working on that), so I don't know where you got the phone, what its origin is, where you are, on what network you're using it, and what language settings you're using, but read the post above your last for a possible solution.

    Yeah sorry about that.

    I got an AT&T Pre Plus (on ebay) that was supposedly never activated.
    The phone's language was already set to Spanish (it booted to the first activation screen the first time I started it) when I got it.
    I was able to webOS doctor it to 1.4.5 and change the language settings, I ran the activation bypass tool.
    I think unlocked it via nextgen.
    After a full erase I create a profile choosing English as the default language (only options were English/Espanol).
    It is running on Rogers/Fido here in Canada.
    I currently have an AppCatalog that has north of 500 apps and they are all free.
    I assume it is a Canadian App Catalog because I can see Canadian specific apps (like our nationals news network and local papers). I was able to enter in credit card information, but I can only see 500 apps and they are all free (further to that, I definitely can't see some very popular free apps that I know Canadian/All users have access to)

    Sorry again GFN. And thanks, yet again.
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    Hey guys...

    Is this an alternate option to Nextgen server´s to get the code to unlock the Pre?

    Unlock Code for AT&T Cingular Palm Pre Plus ATT - eBay (item 170489605833 end time Oct-18-10 21:22:14 PDT)
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    I see, I'll give it a shot... I'll keep you guys posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Did you choose English US or English CA as language settings?
    Upon a Full Erase, I could choose between "English & Espanol". After going through the activation, in Regional Settings, I only have the same two language choices and the formatting is set to "United States".

    Not sure what's going. Thanks again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Simonlesorcier View Post
    I see, I'll give it a shot... I'll keep you guys posted.

    Best of luck!
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    your description is so awesome

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