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    Hi to all from Santiago, Chile
    I'm one of those stupid users who enter more than 10 times the Unlock Code an now my device is UNBLOCk.
    I bought it last week in NY, is an AT&T device, and when I insert my SIM Card (ENTEL PCS - CHILE), ask me to create a profile. As I can't -because I have not wireless connection- I tried to do emergency calls. At that stage appear de green screen asking the UNBLOCK code.
    I already bought a code in nextgen but I need to go back to the previous stage, where the device was Unlock.

    I spoke with AT&T, they said that can not give me the code because of the exclusivity policy between Palm and them.
    I have no idea of anything else to do, can you help me?

    Please, I'm really desperate having my new Palm and not be able to use it...

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    Plug your situation into this thread and see what comes out the other end.

    <<Merged Thread - Crossposting!>>
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    Sorry guys, my English is not as good as I wish at for this type of problems.
    I read the thread as you suggest and I can not find the solution to UnBlock the device. I am just fine if I get to the UnLock stage and run nextgen software, but right now I can't. If somebody knows, can you guide me step by step what do I need to do? if a solution is available....

    GFN, where I can fine nextgen solution for Unblock, I can't see the notice on their page.
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    I'll do and let you know.

    Any tips to my first requirement?

    Thanks for your patience and time.
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    "I read the thread as you suggest and I can not find the solution to UnBlock the device. I am just fine if I get to the UnLock stage and run nextgen software, but right now I can't. If somebody knows, can you guide me step by step what do I need to do? if a solution is available...."

    I wrote to nextgen and said that no UNBLOCK code is available. They ask me for the country first and then sadi NO.
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    Hey Guys,

    Forgive my simple stupid question, I'm about to embark into unlocking my Palm Pre Plus from AT&T, I'm planning on following GuyFromNam 3 step how-to. I just don't seem to have clear yet ( maybe once I get there, I will), how to get the phone out of ""Diag" mode once it's unlocked""

    Could you enlighten me please?


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    I'll ask nextgen for the code...other countries.

    So, my next best option is downgrade...I understand that you have no experience in this option but dou you know if running it will affect the aplications of any functionality of the device?

    Turning of the Developer mode was my first problem. I can't accsess to the device preferences, that's when I tried to enter the unlock code and BLOCK my phone. So guys be very carefull to do it step by step and try to be not as Stupid as I was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Thanks ryley for modding us from bits to stickied pieces.
    Your most only took me 6 tries ;-)
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    Yes, but when the green screen popped up asking for the Unlock Code I had no chance to enter in phone prefferences to disable developer mode, I can not minimize the screen for example. At that moment I got confused I enter the code wrong ten times - problem that I understand is totally diferent issue.

    I think I will try a last time to obtain the code from AT&T, I really don't want to risk the money that I paid downloading the software.
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    No problem, as I said my english is not to good.
    But I'm sure that I read that in nextgen instructions after I buy the Unlock code.
    No intentions to confuse, sorry about that.
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    Thanks Guy!

    Gonna get to it now.

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    Hey you have any thoughts on this one?

    I have completed the unlocking steps ( without any glitch) up until step 8 from nextgen's guide. When I insert a SIM card ( an inactive AT&T from the US, and I have also tried a Brazilian SIM) I don't seem to get the window in the phone where to enter the network code, even after turning airplane mode on/off a few times.

    Do I have to do this with an active ( active T-Mobile) US sim card for it to prompt me for the code?

    Any other suggestions you guys may have?

    Thx again!
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    Just got a locked att Palm Pre Plus. When I run the meta doctor and bypass tool will I be able to reboot the phone and it will back to normal or does it stay in developer mode?
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    I also have a turbo sim card. Would this still work or do I need to purchase an unlock code from Nextgen?
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    Answer from nextgen regarding with UNBLOCK code for devices outside US:

    "No, the problem is that the phone needs sending to us, if you are sending
    from out side the eu this causes problems with import tax being charged,
    Support Department"
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    Yes, it's an AT&T Pre plus, I'm in Florida, I am planning on using Tmobile, but I have not yet bought their chip ( hopefully this is not too stupid of a statement! haa!). I had inserted an At&t sim card that came with the phone that is inactive, and a brazilian sim card, that is active. So let me guess, the first order of work would be to buy that Tmobile active chip for my Pre?

    The person I bought it from told me it could be unlocked ( which makes me asume he actually did not unlock it).

    I do get a " Check-SIM'-SOS only" message on the top left corner.

    Thanks again!
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    For anyone unsure about which GSM device to purchase, this information might help.

    Palm Support: Understanding network bands and frequencies for a GSM/UMTS phone

    Understanding network bands and frequencies for a GSM/UMTS phone - Palm Support - Article ID: 65931

    The network bands and frequencies available for your webOS phone are listed below.

    Region ....................................... 2G frequencies ......................... 3G frequencies
    North America (US/CAN) ............. 850/900/1800/1900 GSM ................. 850/1900/2100 UMTS
    South America (LAT) .................. 850/900/1800/1900 GSM ................. 850/900/2100 UMTS
    Asia-Pacific .......................................... 1900/1800 GSM ................. 850/900/2100 UMTS
    Europe .................... 850/900/1800 /1900 (degraded) GSM ................. 900/2100 UMTS

    The Dual Band GSM North American communication board (marked "NA") found in the Telcel Palm Pre and the AT&T Palm Pre Plus is designed specifically to use the 850 and 1900 3G UTMS frequencies.

    The Dual Band GSM European communication board (marked EU) found in the European Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus's (UK, Germany, France ...) is designed specifically to use the 900 and 2100 3G UTMS frequencies.

    In a nutshell, if you purchase a European GSM Palm Pre/Pixi/Plus, it will only be capable of 2G EDGE data connecitiity in North America. Conversely, if you purchase a North American GSM Palm Pre/Pixi/Plus, it will only be capable of 2G EDGE data connectivity in Europe (Exception is Telstra Australia).

    One other note, because I'm certain someone will ask if I don't include it. Unlocking your device has nothing to do with what frequencies it operates on. You can't unlock a European Palm Pre device expecting it to have 3G connectivity in North America after its been unlocked and visa versa.

    I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and donít necessarily represent AT&Tís positions, strategies or opinions.
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    Thanks for the awesome info. I have done step 1. I had a rebel sim so I did not have to you the nextgen server to unlock. I tried 3a and it doesn't work. I tried from a different post to edit the edit the carriersettings.db3. That didn't work. Now I am going to try 3b. I assume I am on the right direction to make this work. Thanks again for your help.

    I have a att locked palm pre plus and want to use it on tmobile USA.

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    It went easy, thanks for your help!

    It was just a matter of resetting the phone, and loading an active T-mobile SIM.

    Pretty pleased with it.

    I now will get to getting the data running on it. On the iphone I know you have to go to:
    general ->network-> cellular data network -> APN ... and then type

    Is it something similar in the PRE?

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    I've purchased AT&T Palm Pre Plus on eBay. The phone was not activated in US. Now I need to unlock and activate it being in Ukraine without AT&T SIM card.

    I've already purchased Palm Pre Plus unlock credit at Nextgen. To perform an unlock I need to activate the phone first.

    As I understood I can bypass activation using "Palm activation bypass tool". However, later I'll need to activate it using SIM of my local operator. First of all, it is not clear if it is possible (operator is MTS, Ukraine), besides I can loose access to some apps in AppsCatalog, right?

    Nextgen's "Palm Pre Unlock Instructions.pdf" contains "Bypassing Palm Pre activation" which mentions patched firmware, which allows to perform activation using WiFi.

    I have found "bypass" ROM (palm pre plus gsm 1.4.2). While it is being downloaded I'd like to ask some question to see if I understand things properly.

    Has anybody tried "bypass" ROM? Actually it is not clear how it will let me configure the WiFi connection. In our office we use non-discoverable network with MAC filtering, so:

    - first I need Wi-Fi adapter MAC address to configure the access point
    - then I need to enter all connection details, since our network is absent in the list of available network.

    So I'd like to know some brief description of the process from the person who has already tried this way. May be I need to unlock via WiFi unprotected WiFi network (turn off all limitations for a short time).

    As I understood with "bypass" ROM I can activate the phone and then unlock using Nextgen credits. One more question here is what does happen with AppCatalog after WiFi-activation? Will I have access to paid apps?

    Thank you in advance.
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